JCE invests in Nordic SeaFarm

2 years ago

JCE invests in the Swedish food tech company Nordic SeaFarm.

Nordic SeaFarm has developed a unique method for growing plant-based crops in large scale in the sea, and currently sells the species sugar kelp and sea lettuce to several Michelin restaurants and innovative food producers in Sweden. The ingredient is considered a ‘superfood’ and is mainly used as a climate-friendly seasoning and nutritional booster, and the company foresees an increased demand for plant-based products from the ocean.

“Nordic SeaFarm has a unique expertise and cultivation method which enables a scalability that we believe will benefit both the company and have a positive sustainability contribution to the planet. As long-term investors, we are happy to be involved in another investment within food tech and sustainability”, says Sofia Karlsson, Investment Director at JCE.

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