JCE acquires a majority stake in Singer & Sohn GmbH

2 years ago

JCE has acquired a majority stake in Singer & Sohn GmbH, a German based company providing automation solutions and processing equipment for the European food industry.

The acquisition of Singer & Sohn is made through JCE’s fully owned subsidiary Viltor AB that focuses on sustainable industry and product companies. Singer & Sohn will belong to Viltor’s business area Food Processing and Automation where Viltor made its first acquisition in 2021 with Octofrost, a Malmö based company focusing on thermal treatment of food, e.g. IQF and Impingement freezers.

”We are in a phase of creating a competitive group of companies in an industry that will be favourable positioned for future growth trends and focus on sustainability. Singer & Sohn has a lot of untapped potential for continued international growth and diversification supported by increasing level of automation in the food processing industry”, says Erik Forslund, CEO of Viltor and head of business area Industry and Product at JCE.

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