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  • JCE invests in Aliaro

    JCE invests in Aliaro AB, which develops flexible, industrial testing systems. Aliaro, founded in 2014, develops and delivers modular and flexible testing systems for both functional testing and hardware-in-the-loop simulation.
    4 months ago
  • It’s all settled – Knowit and Cybercom becomes a Nordic powerhouse

    Together the companies create a Nordic powerhouse for the digital solutions of the future, with a strong focus on sustainability. The acquisition means that Knowit will gain around…
    5 months ago
  • Cybercom and Knowit join forces and create the Nordic leader in sustainable digitalization

    Knowit and Cybercom complement each other well and will become an attractive partner with a strong employer brand and a shared vision of driving and accelerating the digital transformation…
    7 months ago
  • JCE invests in Collegial

    JCE invest in the ed tech company Collegial together with Blq Invest. Collegial is developing a Learning Experience Platform helping organizations to drive continuous professional development in the workplace and…
    9 months ago
  • Jobro AB completes add-on acquisition of JMT AB

    Jobro AB, a portfolio company of JCE Invest AB, acquires JMT AB, a niche company within low volume series, prototype tools and simulations of complex metal parts. With the acquisition…
    10 months ago
  • JCE acquires a majority stake in OctoFrost AB

    We are happy to announce the acquisition of a majority stake in OctoFrost AB, a globally leading supplier of automated process equipment for treatment of food. The company’s founder, Ruben…
    10 months ago

  • JCE supports Hand in Hand

    This year, we have chosen to donate a Christmas gift to Hand in Hand to support the goal: to give 6,000 people training in entrepreneurship – so that they…
    11 months ago
  • Cybercom and Solutive are merging

    Cybercom, specialised in agile software development and public cloud for business-critical systems, will acquire the entire share capital of Solutive Oy, an expert…
    1 year ago
  • Tilda Wissmar and Muna Idow win J Christer Ericsson’s award for entrepreneurship

    We had very strong finalists this year and therefore decided to nominate two winners of the award – Tilda Wissmar (Gottlery) and Muna Idow (Mermaid). It is the fifth…
    1 year ago
  • JCE makes follow-up investment in Visiba Care

    JCE is expanding its investment in Visiba Care, a Gothenburg-based tech company with a white label platform that helps healthcare companies digitise healthcare meetings and working methods. The company was…
    1 year ago
  • Oterlu AI wins JCE Accelerator Award – Venture Cup 2020

    For the fourth consecutive year, JCE and Venture Cup are awarding the JCE Accelerator Award; a scholarship of SEK 50,000. This year the winner is Oterlu Ai, a team that…
    1 year ago
  • JCE makes follow-up investment in Telness

    JCE expands its investment in Telness, the first digital mobile operator for business owners and entrepreneurs. JCE has invested in Telness since the was founded in 2017 and is currently…
    1 year ago

  • JCE acquires a majority stake in Systemite AB

    JCE acquires a majority stake in Systemite AB, a leading Nordic software company providing a cutting edge platform for complex product development that allows developers, managers and organisations to gain…
    1 year ago
  • JCE acquires Jobro Sheet Metal Technology

    JCE acquires Jobro AB, the leading manufacturer in Sweden of prototypes and low-volume series of complex sheet metal parts, from Fouriertransform and other owners. The ambition is to expand the…
    1 year ago