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  • Cybercom and Solutive are merging

    Cybercom, specialised in agile software development and public cloud for business-critical systems, will acquire the entire share capital of Solutive Oy, an expert…
    1 month ago
  • Tilda Wissmar and Muna Idow win J Christer Ericsson’s award for entrepreneurship

    We had very strong finalists this year and therefore decided to nominate two winners of the award – Tilda Wissmar (Gottlery) and Muna Idow (Mermaid). It is the fifth…
    2 months ago
  • JCE makes follow-up investment in Visiba Care

    JCE is expanding its investment in Visiba Care, a Gothenburg-based tech company with a white label platform that helps healthcare companies digitise healthcare meetings and working methods. The company was…
    2 months ago
  • Oterlu AI wins JCE Accelerator Award – Venture Cup 2020

    For the fourth consecutive year, JCE and Venture Cup are awarding the JCE Accelerator Award; a scholarship of SEK 50,000. This year the winner is Oterlu Ai, a team that…
    6 months ago
  • JCE makes follow-up investment in Telness

    JCE expands its investment in Telness, the first digital mobile operator for business owners and entrepreneurs. JCE has invested in Telness since the was founded in 2017 and is currently…
    9 months ago
  • JCE acquires a majority stake in Systemite AB

    JCE acquires a majority stake in Systemite AB, a leading Nordic software company providing a cutting edge platform for complex product development that allows developers, managers and organisations to gain…
    10 months ago

  • JCE acquires Jobro Sheet Metal Technology

    JCE acquires Jobro AB, the leading manufacturer in Sweden of prototypes and low-volume series of complex sheet metal parts, from Fouriertransform and other owners. The ambition is to expand the…
    11 months ago
  • JCE invests in Unikum Unikt Lärande AB is Sweden’s largest mobile learning portal for collaboration on learning and quality in pre-schools and schools, and contains the national School Bank. More than 1 million users and thousands…
    1 year ago
  • JCE acquires Baltic Safety Products AB

    JCE Group acquires Baltic Safety Products AB, a European leader in life jackets and marine safety equipment. The company’s founder, Per Frode, will remain as minority owner of the company.
    1 year ago
  • Hayday wins J Christer Ericssons award for entrepreneurship

    For the fourth time, JCE together with Ung Företagsamhet Gothenburg is awarding a scholarship of SEK 50,000. The scholarship was created to strengthen and encourage young entrepreneurs. UF alumni and…
    1 year ago
  • JCE invests in Visiba Care

    Visiba Care is a Gothenburg-based company that works to digitise the healthcare sector. The capital will be used to increase investments in technology and organisation so that Visiba Care can…
    1 year ago
  • JCE and Tequity divest a majority stake in Cybercom to Formica Capital

    Cybercom is a leading IT consulting company in digitisation, the Internet of Things, cloud services and IT security, with operations in the Nordics and Poland. In 2018, the company had…
    1 year ago